We Welcome you to South Africa!

Welcome to Footprints in Africa
A complete travel company offering information on Southern African safaris, Scuba diving, Walking Safaris, Cultural tours, and the best Southern Africa has to offer. From Bush Camping to Exotic Camping. From Comfortable accommodation to Exquisite accommodation - we have done it all.

We are South African owned and been in operation for 20 years. You have not only the advantage of local knowledge and experience but also dealing with the operator.

Wir sprechen Deutsch !

We have shared our cultural diversity and exploring our natural beauty with people from all over the world for the past 20 years. We don't just expose Wildlife, we explore our heritage, our culture, people, wealth and our future.

We would like you to leave behind more than just old clothed - come share in Ubuntu and take a hour to paint a shack or do maintenance of a Kinder Garden - come put a smile on some ones face and make a difference.

An environmentally educative and social responsible approach with minimal carbon offset is our aim on all our safari's, with local communities benefiting from all operations in their region in a variety of local benifitionary programs, and a chance for you to make a true difference in the lives of many.