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Cullinan Diamond Mine

The big Hole at Cullinan Diamond Mine

In 1905, one of the greatest events in diamond history took place when an enormous diamond, weighing 3106 carats, was found only a mere 9 m from the surface. It was named after Thomas Cullinan and still remains the largest diamond ever.
Since the discovery of diamond pipes in the world, it was established that the Cullinan Diamond Pipe is the oldest pipe inthe world.
This is the only diamond working mine in the world that allow visitors the opportunity to visit underground operations

Half Day:
Surface Tours:
R 600 pp or R 1 200 single

Full Day:
Under Ground Tours:
R 1 250 pp or R 1 450 single  

Depart Daily        

About the Surface Tour

An exciting guided surface tour of a working Diamond mine including a 10 min introduction DVD of u/g operations and view the following

  • Diamond Display Room - replicas of famous diamonds.
  • Mock-up tunnel-guide explains construction of tunnels under ground
  • Shafts in operation - where kimberlite rock is hoisted from 500 m under ground to surface
  • Look out point of the big hole where volcanic eruption took place
  • Diamond cutting & Jewellery Shop.
The Cullinan Diamond Mine
Cullinan Diamond Mine Operational Chamber

About the Underground Tour

Tourists are fitted into safety clothes & equiptment, and transported to mine entrance , go 763 m under ground and view the following

  • Admin offices, workshop, rest area, refuse bay
  • Loading and tipping of ore, crushing ore, conveyer belt transporting ore, back to surface.
  • Lookout point , Diamond Cutting and Jewellery Shop.

What is included?

What is not included?

  • Transport

  • Entrance fee and Guide

  • Soft Drinks and bottled water

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